Baby Transport


We often get asked whether babies can also be carried in the Croozer. Of course they can!

For infants and babies up to the age of around 20 months, a good sitting or reclining position is important to stop them sliding down in the seat and ensure they are well padded. Depending on the strength of their back and tummy muscles, they may need extra support which is tailored to their age, height and weight.

This is why every Croozer child-carrying trailer has the right accessories to make children of all ages feel comfortable, as well as ergonomic seating supports for infants and babies.

For two as well? Of course. In the two-seater your can combine different solutions: a Infant Sling with a Baby Supporter, two Baby Supporters or two Infant Slings. There is certainly enough room.

Please note: The current Croozer Baby Sling and the current Baby Supporter for Croozer models have been optimized for models from 2010, therefore they can´t be combined with older Croozer models and other trailers.

For older Croozer models until model year 2009 you can use the “Weber Babyschale” manufactured by Weber. For these Croozer until 2009 there is also a suitable Baby Supporter.

What accessories do I need? Babies do not come in standard dimensions. Work out how much support your child still needs. Does it already find sitting unassisted easy? If so, the Baby Supporter is likely to be the right accessory. If however you are still unsure, why not visit your local Croozer dealer and get advice from them?